Photos by Cindy: Blog en-us (C) Photos by Cindy (Photos by Cindy) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:44:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:44:00 GMT Photos by Cindy: Blog 120 96 Now what should we wear? Tips for finding the perfect outfits for your upcoming photo shoot.


You have your shoot scheduled and you are super excited to get updated photos. Now what to wear? Deciding what to wear to your session can be a difficult task. I have had many clients ask me for tips, so I have come up with some helpful guidelines.

#1. Be Yourself!!

This is probably my biggest tip of advise. Wear clothing you and your family are comfortable in and feel good in. Let your personalities shine through so your photos will be ones you will love to showcase and look back on.

#2. Comfort

Comfort is key especially with small children. Restrictive or tight fitting clothing and shoes can make little ones unhappy and uncooperative. Trying clothing on in advance will allow enough time for any needed adjustments.

#3. Add color/accessories

Try to find a few different colors to mix it up. Coordinate without being too matchy. Gone are the days that everyone must wear exact matching outfits. Choose colors/pallet you like and incorporate it throughout. Don't be afraid of accessories; jewelry, scarves, and jackets all add pop to your photos. Try to avoid too many whites, blacks and neon colors.

#4. Location

Keep your location in mind and avoid colors that will blend into the background. Will you be doing a lot of walking? Climbing around? If so high heels may not be the best shoe choice.

#5. Keep you home decor in mind.

Where will your new photos go? Thinking about the color schemes of your home and the rooms you plan on hanging your photos in may be a big help in deciding on the colors you want to wear.

When in doubt refer back to #1. Feeling great about yourself and choosing clothing that fits you and your family's personalities will be sure to make your photos ones you will love!




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